Gold prices on 15.12.2018 Scrap gold:
Carat weight 375  585  750  999 
Euros per gram 10-0016-0021-0027-00
Gold coins
(in any condition):

999  29-00 EUR/gram

For wholesale prices for large batches of scrap gold, contact our managers.

London fixing 00:55 15/12/18
Exchange rate USD/RUB Forex 02:45 15/12/18
+7 495 730-20-28

AURIS Precious Metals, LLC

Services We Provide

  • We offer money resources in exchange for scrap gold and golden wastes originating in jewellery or other industries.
  • We facilitate investing in precious metals.
  • We have our own industrial capacities for production.
  • We analyse alloys and wastes for content of precious metals (gold).

Purchase of scrap gold
Purchase and sale of gold coins

Our Advantages

  • Collaboration with leading factories
  • Impeccable reputation
  • Special prices for large quantities

Gold purchase and sale

We buy gold in the secondary market of precious metals. We carefully assess the gold value. The price of valuables is determined by the content of precious metals multiplied by the current rate.