Котировки на покупку
на 15.12.2018

Лом золотых изделий:
Проба 375  585  750  999 
Руб./гр. 10-0016-0021-0027-00

Монеты золотые "Георгий Победоносец"
(в любом состоянии):

999  29-00 руб./гр.

Для оптовых партий лома ювелирных
изделий массой от 1000 г запрашивайте
цену у наших менеджеров.

Sale, purchase and exchange of gold coins

Today there are two attractive means of investing:

- Gold coins. In this case we talk only about bullion coins, which can be used as an instrument of payment. Purchase and sale of bullion coins is exempted from VAT, and this is what makes them attractive for investors.
- Fine gold casting grain.

Why bullion coins are in demand now:

- High liquidity. While savings in foreign currencies incur the risk of devaluation, the value of gold coins has increased by 25% in the last year alone. Neither investment mean that used to be profitable doesn't yield such results today (real estate, service industries).
- Possibility to sell items quickly should you need money. Any bank institution and, of course, AURIS Precious Metals, LLC will readily buy them from you.
- Perfect mean for saving that can be used both by natural and legal persons.

When buying gold coins one should remember that there are two kinds of coins:

- Bullion coins that are used for investment.
- Collector coins -- their issues are timed to coincide with special events and remarkable dates. Sale and purchase of collector coins are subject to VAT. They are of artistic merit and their value is much higher than the value of their gold content.

One can say that bullion coins are not simply made of gold. They are minted using a special method and according to the strict characteristics. That is why they can be used as an instrument of payment. Collector coins are remarkable for higher quality coinage -- proof -- they have sharper rims and design, as well as much smoother fields.