Котировки на покупку
на 15.12.2018

Лом золотых изделий:
Проба 375  585  750  999 
Руб./гр. 10-0016-0021-0027-00

Монеты золотые "Георгий Победоносец"
(в любом состоянии):

999  29-00 руб./гр.

Для оптовых партий лома ювелирных
изделий массой от 1000 г запрашивайте
цену у наших менеджеров.

Sale, purchase and exchange of gold items

About us

AURIS Precious Metals, LLC was founded on September 15th, 2011. The company was formed by several investors. The charter capital of our company is 1,000,000 roubles. With established business relations, experience, and resources of its members, the company has become a success. Now, AURIS Precious Metals is a leading operator in the precious metals secondary market in Moscow and Moscow region.

We provide the following kinds of services:
- We offer money resources in exchange for scrap gold and gold wastes originating in jewellery and other industries.
- We facilitate investing in precious metals.
- We have our own industrial capacities for production of precious metals and semi-finished precious metal products for industrial use.
- We analyse alloys and wastes for content of precious metals (gold). The analysis is carried out using the method of spectral analysis.

We buy gold in any condition, AURIS!

We collaborate with the leading refineries:
•    Novosibirsk Refinery
•    Pirit M, LLC
•    Moscow Plant for Special Alloys Processing (MZSS)
•    Certification and Analytic Center AnSertEco
We also collaborate with many bank institutions.

There are a lot of reasons to trust us, and the main reason is our impeccable reputation. AURIS Precious Metals, LLC

How we buy and exchange gold

•    Our experts accept gold in any condition (scrap gold, jewellery, coins, industrial waste).
•    We assess its value using state-of-art equipment
•    We pay at the current rate

Whom do we work with

Our principal contractors are rather organizations and individual entrepreneurs than private persons:
•    Pawn shops.
•    Bank institutions.
•    Jewellers' workshops.
•    Gold dealers.
•    Industrial companies, which use precious metals in their production cycles.

AURIS Precious Metals, LLC performs its activities in compliance with the current legislation, as well as all relevant subordinate legislation, regulations, rules, letters, and explanations of corresponding instances. We use high-technology equipment, as for example, x-ray fluorescent spectrometer, in our work. It makes the evaluation of precious metals highly accurate.

Scrap gold. Industrial gold items of any kind. We will analyse your items for the content of gold and evaluate them as quickly as possible.